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In a session I will provide you with the tools you need to detoxify emotionally, heal yourself physically and evolve spiritually, so you can create your new reality.

As a psychic and medium, I offer you my services to be in contact with those who have passed from the physical state into a spiritual existence with purpose of validating the eternity of your soul, advancing you on your soul journey through your heightened awareness of your specific life lessons, how to embrace your journey, learn the lessons, release the emotion and ascend. Who communicates with you and what is delivered, is divinely orchestrated for your highest purpose by the spirit.

Whenever I do a reading, I function as a conduit who also receives Akashic record which may be revealed if Spirit deems it appropriate and necessary for your awareness of soul purpose. The process of a reading also includes an offering of healing energy focused on Chakra clearing to provide the foundation for your optimum cellular health.

In a healing session, in person or via phone, you are usually laying down and the entire session involves me channeling healing to you directly from spirit. In a hands-on approach, I will assist in an energetic transmutation which focuses on healing. I conduit energy from the other side, invoke the violet flame and manipulate your merkaba. This brings you into awareness of what emotions and negative beliefs have manifested into illness and what you must release in order to heal. I provide the opportunity for you to heal yourself in spiritual recognition and in alteration of vibrational memory. As a conduit I also alter your cellular structure, aligning you with the highest vibrational energy needed to facilitate physical and emotional health. I will unblock and infuse your chakras with light and integrate your body, mind and soul. Once all cellular memory is transmuted to the highest vibration of energy, you will function in soul purpose. You will be offered the opportunity to develop in the gift of Oneness and light. As a result, the progression of your specific spiritual capacities will be facilitated.

Are you feeling pleased by your psychic development but want to progrss even faster? Sandy's mentoring sessions are designed for an individual, based on their current level of development. These sessions serve to clarify your soul's path and facilitate attaining your soul purpose. You will discover how your negative energy, past lives and karmic manifestations currently block your development. You also will be connected with the other side to learn unblocking techniques, receive guidance specific for your development and healing. Spirit will offer you knowledge of your specific past life, in which you commenced the life lessons that you have contracted to address in this current existence. With this awareness, you will have the tools needed to learn this life's lessons, ascend in vibration and healing karmically in your past life. This knowledge will give you the ability to energetically transmute the physical, spiritual and emotional, healing from the past existence into your current life. Mentoring sessions are a total of 4 hours, organized within 2 sessions, 2 hours per session over 2 consecutive weeks.
*These sessions include a small assigment of independent work in between weeks 1 and 2 that is designed to enhance your mentoring experience.

Geometric key meditation and sacred pathway prayer will be used to enter the Akashic plane of cosmic consciousness. This plane contains the hall of records where the vibrational record, the entirety of each soul's journey, is stored in an energetic blueprint. True Akashic record can be accessed only when consciousness and cosmic consciousness are in complete harmony. We review our record to understand our past choices that are negatively affecting us today. The energetic consequence of the choices are negative blocks restricting us from accessing Divinity. As your record is presented to you in this session, you will receive the knowledge your soul consciously desires which is necessary to heal on all levels and transmute your full Divine presence. The healing energy of the Akashic record allows us the freedom to choose grace in all things. In this state of grace we transmute cognitive constructs into alignment with our soul path. We remove the negative blocks that are causing us to believe we are separate from our Creator, in this unity we can fulfill our soul purpose.

To assist you in a Dark Spirit/Entity/Ghost removal I will connect with the Divine, in particular Archangel Michael and his Army of Light. I connect in meditation and prayer and channel from the other side a metaphysical prescription specific for you, which you must follow exactly. As you are engaged in prescription, I will also be working on you. I will cleanse your chakra system, etherial bodies and your physical and emotional karmicscripts. There are 3 parts in this process: (1) an in-person appointment for 1 hour; (2) after your in-person session I receive a channeled prescription the duration of which is 1 hour. I transcribe the prescription verbatim which is sent to you via email. Once you receive the prescription, the work is all yours. You must commence and follow the presciption exactly for the amount of time as prescribed to complete the Entity Energetic Transmutation; (3) the last part is a half hour in which I cleanse the energy in your environment with a distance "LIGHT" infusion and blessing.

We all experience stagnation on our soul path. These periods of transformation drain our spiritual battery. Our spiritual battery (energy system) needs to be recharged. Left unattended, our soul development is hampered and our physical body is harmed. This session is designed to provide you with a rapid recovery recharge of a high vibrational intensity. I will enter your ethereal to uncover the source of your stagnation. I will delve into your specific blockage and prescribe a remedy which will alleviate your situation and recharge your spiritual battery. Phone sessions only.


I am a legally Ordained Reverend and licensed to officiate in the State of New York. I attended a program through the "Sanctuary of the Beloved," an incorporated, non-denominational church in Conesus, New York. I can officiate your Wedding, Baptisms, Christenings, Dedications, Funerals, Memorial Services, Blessings and offer Meditations. I will personally assist you in developing your desired ceremony which will be unique and specific to your needs.

"We are all psychic, we are all mediums and we can all heal ourselves. It is our innate spiritual birthright." Sandy Guarnotta
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