Reverend Sandy Guarnotta
Medium, Psychic, Medical Intuitive

Sandy is an internationally known Medium, Psychic, Medical Intuitive and Healer. She offers a profound and life changing experience for all.

"Allow me to connect with Spirit, call upon my guides and be of service, as an energetic conduit. I will convey messages from those who have crossed. I will assist in entity energetic transmutation of darkness into light. As I impart knowledge from Heaven, you will be offerd answers of hope, visions of change and healing energy to assist you physically, emotionally and spiritually. This wisdom from the other side will illuminate your path, providing you with the opportunity to fulfill your soul's desire and use the principle of manifestation to create your new reality and heal yourself."

- Reverend Sandy Guarnotta

"We are all psychic, we are all mediums and we can all heal ourselves. It is our innate spiritual birthright." Sandy Guarnotta
MEDITATION-11/20/20, 8 PM

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Phone: (516) 205-6655
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