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In preparing for a session it's important to remember the principle of manifestation.

Our thoughts, emotions and words carry energy in vibration form to spirit. For this reason, I commence and terminate every session with a prayer invoking the spirit realm and offering gratitude for our connection.

If you wish answers to specific life questions, healing, or are hoping for communication from spirit, in one to two weeks prior to your session it is essential to communicate your intentions.

Remember during a session to focus on the message, even though you may not recognize the spirit offering the information. Spirit have been assigned to offer specific messages and healing energy for you, to facilitate your journey in this lifetime.

I ask that you do not ingest alcohol two to five days prior to a session. Alcohol depresses your energy and vibration level, which suppresses communication from the spirit realm.

When choosing members for a group session, select people who have a belief system which supports spirit communication.

"We are all psychic, we are all mediums and we can all heal ourselves. It is our innate spiritual birthright." Sandy Guarnotta
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